I Dare you to Shake up your Strength Training


Good Afternoon! 

I just wanted to connect with you today to get you motivated to shake up your workout routine. Specifically your Strength Training. 

As talked about in the video here - If you didn't watch it  please make sure you do! I explain how to set up a balanced workout for the week. Email me if you need a personalized workout plan! It will be life changing. It is time to build the foundation of your body, so that you don't keep making your stronger side stronger and your weaker side weaker. That is another topic for another day. However, if you have injuries please ping me for a private workout plan.

Those in relatively good condition: I love HIIT Interval training. It allows you to build muscle and burn fat faster. If you have never heard of EPOC. Excessive post oxygen consumption, then it is time to do your research. You could be wasting time at the gym. It is no longer about working out anymore. It is about working out smarter for the future. Your time is valuable, so make it count.

It is important that your workouts provide the most EPOC after your workout. You will get better results. Especially if you are a person who does not have all day to workout, or sits at a desk all day, then this is for you!

Below is a quick HIIT interval workout. Try it out and let me know how you feel! It should provide you longer energy throughout the day and rev up your metabolism. Be prepared to be hungrier and have the right nutrients to refuel throughout the day.

1. 5 to 10 minute warm up - Foam rolling, dynamic flow stretches

2. Quick core activation, should stabilization, and some single leg Romanian dead-lifts to find that center point of gravity in your body before you begin your workout. 

3. 20 reps or 30 seconds, 4 sets  of the following:

  • Kettle bell Squats
  • planks
  • Dumbbell Reverse Fly

4. Next Round - Same 20 reps or 30s - 4 sets

  • Medicine ball slams
  • forward lunge
  • push ups

5. New Round - Same - 20 reps or 30s - 4 sets

  • step ups
  • 30s of jumping jacks
  • Heavy Bicep curls
  • Side lunge
  • 30s of burpees or running in place

6. Cool Down, stretch, 5 to 10 minute finish are favorite cardio machine of choice (Bigger results - 30s sprints, 4 rounds on favorite cardio, or just cool down and call it a day)