I Dare You To Practice Self-Love!

We live in a constant rate race and sometime it is hard to keep up, so are you taking the right steps and measurements to truly love and care for yourself? Probably not or you wouldn't be here! Props for you for taking the first step: to take action, now time to put it all into play! 


Love Yourself!

Loving yourself is huge. You must get up on a daily basis and give thanks to your body for everything it does for you on a daily basis. No you might not have the perfect body, or the dream salary, or best skin, or a soul mate. However, you get up repeate positivity to yourself or you will continue to live in the negative environment you created for yourself. 

So make a list of everything you want in life and give thanks to the world for it even if you don't have it, because it is the SECRET! If you build it, it will come. 

I also love repeating throughout the day: I love my body, I love myself. 

It is doing the best it can and it's pretty darn amazing considering all that we put it through!

Epsom Salt BAth.jpg


Body work is crucial to get the lymphatic system flowing! Besides you put your body through so much, give it some loving! 



Colon hydrotherapy

Colonics changed my life. If you don't have digestion issues then you will never understand and I don't expect you too. But those who have suffered from digestion issues will vouch that a huge veil was lifted and it was like you were seeing the world for the first time again! Click here for more hydrotherapy benefits.