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My Personal Story

ADD, ADHD, and Amphetimine Addiction

Doctors put me on Adderall in High School. It ruined my health. If only I had known the power of food. I was not ADD; I was allergic to gluten and dairy! 

I became addicted for 13 years. 10 Years ago - I packed up my bags, moved out West and went back to Nutrition school. I made it my mission to heal myself and teach as many parents and children the harmful effects of prescription drugs. 

Now I use powerful superfoods, supplements, and scientific labs to help heal you quicker. I know you are busy and have a life to get back to, so let's make a wiser decision and work together. Don't do this alone. 

I personally healed myself from Autoimmune conditions, hashimotos, SIBO, Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, and more. 

Please continue to the right other areas I have mastered in healing others:

Nutrition Services

My Specialities

For the last 10 years I have been helping children & adults with ADD, ADHD, adderall addictions, austim, asperger's, eczema, psoriasis, hand foot and mouth disease. 

My specialty with my High Executive Clients: Adrenal fatigue, brain fog, hashimotos, hypothyroid, PCOS, Leaky gut, SIBO, and certain types of Cancer. 

The microbiome of your gut determines your future health. Hire me, so we can get your gut in check, reduce inflammation, get your digestion back to par, so you can live your best life. 

I dare you to contact me now for your complementary 20 minute consultation to see if my services are right for you! 

I am looking forward to taking your health to the next level. Adair's Way ~ I Dare ya! Contact Here

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