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Detoxing 101

Well there are a lot of factors. What time of year is it? Do you live in a cold or hot environment? Are you recovering from Surgery, do you have Thyroid issues? Where are you in your health?  I am not a doctor, so a professional opinion is always best, but I am going to share my journey! All I know if you are experiencing constipation, bloating, acne, depression, diarrhea, psoriases, fertility issues, hormonal imbalance, or fatigue then you need to Reset ASAP! It all begins in the gut! So let's heal your gut first. 


Our bodies can only handle so much and clearly you have pushed the limits as we all have.  Are you ready to get Serious and take the next steps?


Should you go Vegetarian, vegan, raw, do a juice cleanse, or go Paleo? Too many routes to take. I think there are a lot of benefits to all of them, but none of them are the right way for the rest of your life. You need to experience each one and pick and choose little bits from each to make it right for you.Then there is even the blood type diet. Overwhelming right? Well let's start with the basics. You are what you eat! 


So put down that damn donut and glass of wine get with reality. Yes some people can handle it, but if you are reading this then clearly you can not. So no more excuses, time to jump all in! Yes your life is going to change, you might have friends who won't understand, but you are going to learn a new way to socialize with a new way of eating. Who knows maybe even find some healthier new friends who can relate. In the end, the only thing that matters is getting healthy now, because we don't want your condition to worsen! Doesn't mean you can never have a donut or a glass of wine again, but we have to heal your gut first. Then you can allow cheat days every now and then. You will eventually follow the 80/20 rule! 80% good and 20% bad - but you have work to do before you can follow that. 


I like to call my way Adair's Way ~ The Spanglish Way~ What does this mean? It means listening to your body, becoming an flexitarian, which I like to call an Adairian :) 


This is a guide to help stop binge eating, quite the yo yo diets, balance your hormones, and finally live a balanced cleansed lifestyle!


If you have ever been to Europe you will notice that the food the people eat and everything in their cultural way of life is just way more pure, simple, and rich! Why it is such a mess here? Well that is another topic of discussion, but basically America is all about Quantity over Quality. 


After living in Europe I realized my life has been a struggle because I am trying to live an American way of eating, which didn't work for me. Therefore we are going to change your diet and your way of life and reverse it to Quality over Quantity! Time to clean out the pantry, get a yoga matt, join a gym,  grab your journal, write a goal setting list, and revamp it all.  Watch out because Adair is coming into your world!


La Sagrada Familia wasn't built in a day and your perfect body isn't going to be either. That's ok! The journey is going to be hard, but I promise to make it exciting. 

So First Please write a list of 100 things you want in life from Health, fitness, work, soulmate, and be as detailed as possible. If you can get it to 300 even better. You have to be straight with yourself, so the universe can provide. So find a cozy spot. shake off the past, and promise yourself this time will be different 



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Adair's way ~ I dare ya

Level 1:

There are different levels in this detoxing program, so read through and choose which one to challenge yourself on! Level 1 is dependent on the environment and the sickness of the person. However, if you are new to this all then yes Paleo is a great place to start! I like paleo because it is a building diet. It is great if you are recovering from surgery, getting off a medication, or just need to rebuild strength in your life and eradicate sugar. 

There are thousands of Paleo blogs out there and that is not the point of my website, so I will redirect you to some links. Don't get too obsessed with this diet because in the end it is still meat and it doesn't mean you can eat all the meat you want. It slows your digestion and if it is not the right source it can be filled with toxins. Therefore buy some digestive enzymes, HCL Tablets, and eat away to help strengthen yourself and gain control of those carb and sugar cravings.

I approve of these areas of a Paleo Diet : Sugar free, grain free, gluten free, dairy free!

So get rid of the bread, pasta, and grains (no you may not have gluten free alternatives!) Forget those paleo breads or gluten free baked goods You may replace them with roasted root vegetables : Dive into beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, winter squashes! Real food. Anything that can live on the shelf or is made by man let's reduce as much as possible. Turn that oven to 350 degrees and have a roasting party!

Keep in mind they are still carbs and they still turn to sugar. If this if your first rodeo eat as much as you want to get you off the bad stuff, but keep in mind you will plateau and will need to reduce and eventually eradicate these form your diet beacause carbs feed gut bacteria!



Level 2 - I double dog dare you!


Ok so you got the Paleo thing down. You feel better, you have gotten off the grains and sugar and bread etc! Congratulations! You made it through round 1.  Are you ready to take it up a notch? Great. You now might be experiencing sluggish digestion, brain fog, and bloating and feeling constantly full, depressed, hard time losing weight or the opposite diarrhea and you can't gain weight. Binge eating might be a factor as well or even purging. Time to get a grip. Do you feel like when you eat fruit or any carbs you just can't stop and you want more and more and more? Yep this is what I call a bacteria party! They are dancing in your stomach. They want more and more and more. Sad thing is we think we are hungry, which we are not, it is just the bacteria acting hungry and having a frenzy. So we have to stop it. Let's starve those suckers. You are not alone. Sibo is the number 1 cause of disorderly eating. So breathe, reset, and take charge! 

You may not relate to all of the factors above, but either way you know something is not right! You diet, diet and diet, and you just stay the same weight or worse you keep gaining! Another sign - Do you wake up in the morning feeling amazing and skinny with a great flat stomach, then by the end of the day your rings are tights, your shirt button is about to bust at the breast line, or worse your pants are so tight you have to unbutton them as well? Making you want to scream, cry and run home without finishing your work day? Relax - I am here to help. 

So time to start learning about Sibo and a low fodmap diets! What is Sibo? Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. Click here for the description

You can start following a low fodmap diet and eventually move into the Sibo Diet. More about Low Fodmap in the Health and nutrition Section. 

The Sibo cleanse is hard, but seriously just do it. Dive all the way in. The faster you kill this sucker, the sooner you can live life again. I recommend starting the diet and finding a naturopath doctor to put you on the Herbs to kill it. I did 2 rounds of herbs, then the prescription drug riflaxamin, another round of herbs and one more round of riflaxmin. A year later I was still battling SIBO.  I had a bad case. However, it wasn't until I did the homemade Vivonex elimination diet that my life changed all together. 


Let's start with step 1. Hopefully your version is not that bad and you don't have to worry about that 14 to 21 day  liquid cleanse.  (Homemade version not the Nestle box crap package filled with junk!)


Strict Sibo Diet Step 1:

Foods allowed:

  1. Protein (chicken, fish, pork, red meat, eggs)
  2. Green Veggies: 
    • Spinach
    • Romaine Lettuce
    • Greenbeans
    • kale
    • Chard
    • Eggplant
    • Collard greens
    • Zuchinni & yellow squash
    • Green onions (the green parts only)
    • Herbs are ok in moderation - make things tasty with thyme, sage, basil and mint!
  3. Olive oil, coconut oil, coconut butter, apple cider vinegar
  4. Lemons, Limes
  5. Sea Salt


Are you freaking out? Is that it? Yes that is it, but you are going to be fine! I promise, relax, how you feel is going to change your life and be worth every step. You are going to be more productive at work, your clothes will fit again, you will get your sex drive back, and sleep better! The best part you won't be thinking about food every second of the day. Eating is exciting, but it comes to a point where there is an issue.  I was forced on a cook only diet of the foods above. I have had other doctors tell me that is not necessary, but truthfully it kills at the bacteria and is easier on the digestion, so I double dog dare you to cook those veggies above! It really helped me move to the next phase. 

The most important thing is you can NOT eat in between meals. You have to let the digestion symptom clear itself! Are you a grazer eating every 2 hours? Then you are constantly giving that bacteria something to feed on! Stop it right now! We can't be little piggies our whole life. We have to control our thoughts, emotions, and that little voice in our head or better yet our stomach. 

Strive to make it 4 to 5 hours in between meals, so eat a well balanced plate of food! No Skimping. In addition skip to the I dare you to rejuvenate section and learn how to cope with detoxing! Learn what type of services are going to make this process easier. 

Recipes Here :

IF you need more guidance then this, please contact me here: I am happy to consult further. 


If you find yourself going crazy, you can add in raw almond milk for the morning (RAW not store bought, you have to make it or go to your closest health store and pick up theirs that is made fresh daily. The store bought is filled with guar gum and other additives, which can last on the shelf for weeks. This also means there is bacteria sitting there too. Then buy Designs for Health Paleo Protein powder) This is a great breakfast. It is perfect when you have a lot to do and don't want brain fog. It won't ferment in your stomach like a fruit smoothie. 

  • 1 scoop of pure whey - Designs for Health only (no pea, hemp or brown rice protein - those carbs feed Sibo)
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of MCT Oil
  • 2 cups of raw Almond milk
  • Dash of Cinnamon
  • Liquid Stevia drops for extra sweetness


Level 3 ~ I triple dog Dare you!

Strict Sibo Diet part 2:


Ok you have mastered the no fruit, no carb diet, you are probably going a little crazy right? Trust me I get it! I did that diet above for 6 straight months. Luckily I had an amazing supportive fiance. It is not fun, but take it as a time to focus on your work, kill it, make extra money. Sit and read a book for once instead of going out to eat and party! Work on a blog, start a diary, take up art classes, anything to get your mind off FOOD! Join a gym! Ideally Equinox - Contact me for a trial :)


 You are probably thinking when am I going to get a break. I know, just hang in there a little longer! Time to go further.


Time to buy amino Acids powder, honey, and vitamins! You are going on a 2 week straight liquid cleanse. Only if the herbs and riflaxamin didn't work. Can you last 21 days?

No you don't get to drink juices. You don't know how long those juices have been sitting there an how much bacteria is in them. No fiber, nothing... we are suffocating those little bacteria filled suckers.

I like to start off this process with a full 3 day cleanse at WE CARE SPA in palm Dessert springs. However, it is not cheap, so let's make this work for you in your environment. 

Plan to start on Monday to Thursday with a soup cleanse. You can dive all in to the aminos, but if you need baby steps do the below: 


Monday to Thursday: (This does NOT count as the 14 to 21 days on aminos) These is the pre-cleanse.

Get a colonic to irradicate sugar cravings Then dive in below:

  • Pureed Soups
  • Get a vitamix: (Steam zuchinni, herbs, and yellow squash - then add to a vitamix blender with Olive oil! Blend away and enjoy!)
  • Make a pureed soup out of any of the allowed veggies and ingredients above, it will give your digestion a break!
  • Drink Bone broths, Let's clear that intestine and give your tummy time to heal!
  • Get colonics, massages, sit in a sauna! Sweat out those toxins, give up caffeine. The stricter you are this week, the easier your vivonex cleanse is going to be. 


Level 4 - You are a detox rockstar! Consider yourself my Soul Sista! 

Now time for the homemade Vivonex elemental Diet! 

This is not easy! 

Do not buy the package stuff that some gastro doctors are recommending. This is filled with cornstarch and other nasty ingredients that are awful for your body! You may have to give up your extreme workouts, but keep walking, stretching, do yoga, and just move and sweat! 


Need support for this cleanse? Contact me - Let's set up a consultation, so you are prepared! 


Level 5 - Post Cleansing ~ How to cope in the world

You have finished the cleanse ...Amazing! I am so proud of you!..... now what?

Go back to those pureed soups, drink bone broths, you can add in raw almond milk with Designs for Health Protein. Keep it pure and clean. Wait a week on the soups, longer if possible, then add back in meat, eggs etc. Best make chicken salad in your Quisinart so your digestion doesn't work so hard.


Then stay away from Gluten, dairy, sugar etc!  You just healed your gut. Don't go on a party and mess it all back up again. 

Retake the Sibo Test after a week or two of eating solid foods again and see what the results are. Then be Mindful. Work your way back into a European diet. Clean balanced eating. Give thanks to your food and your body before you consume. 

Be mindful! No eating while driving, sit and break for lunch. Doesn't mean you have to leave your office, just stop your work for 15 minutes and take notice of the food in front of you. You have to be present while you nourish your body to prevent overeating. Love your body and love yourself. 


Ask yourself before you put anything in your mouth- "Is this going to nourish me?" "Will this harm or hurt my intestine?"

"Does my heart and soul need this or is this the bacteria talking?"


You will have days that you cheat, that is fine. We are all human, you have to live However, one day is a cheat day. Not a cheat week. Make Saturday  can be your day to hang with friends, eat foods you know you shouldn't, then Sunday go right back to the right ways. However, no sugar or alcohol for at least a month after the Vivonex cleanse. Start with 1/2 cup of berries, some nut butters, and roasted root veggies. Don't overdo it. MODERATION IS KEY! Be a european, I dare ya!