How Adderall Ruined My Life! I dare you to take a deeper look.



If you are reading this you might know me well or you might not know me at all. However, the universe has guided me to you. Maybe you or a loved one are suffering from health issues. Most of the time we accept how we feel on a daily basis and mark it as "normal." I am here to tell you that it is not! You can always be happier & Healthier. You don't have to be this miserable or in this much pain. I am here to tell you that is not all in your head. That there isn't a pill for that. There is food for that and energy healing for it. I am here to tell you that you can heal your life, but you have to want it, and you have to believe in the process. 

I was placed on Adderall at age 15. I was fatigued, spacey, forgetful, exhausted, I had major brain fog. I had trouble concentrating, I was moody, tons of digestion issues plus more. The doctors told my parents there is a pill for that after just a few hours of testing. I wish we had known the power of food at that time. 

Now I am on a mission to spread awareness of the side effects of Adderall & any attention deficit medication, or medication in general. It is not just adderall your birth control, your NSAIDS, your anti-depressants are messing with you in more ways than one. 

As American we love believing quantity is better than quality. More than ever are food intolerance and allergies present in our society. Yes our food has changed, but our guts have changed more! Your brain lies in your gut and it really does matter what you put in it. 

It is time to stop living in the gutter and face the facts and face reality. You are sick for a reason. Quit masking it with medication and start healing the root cause of it. Stop seeking answers from everyone else around you and start seeking answers within your own body. Heal from the inside out and your world will turn upside down in the right way.

Adderall was amazing at first. I could conquer it all. A true Super-hero! WONDER-WOMAN. Then the side effects started kicking in. The split personalities, the extreme moodiness, the binge eating, the "Fibbing / lying," the sneaking out, insomnia, binge drinking to name a few. 

Then the real health issues kicked in. Leaky gut turned into Autoimmune, which turned into hashimotos, hypothyroid, then SIBO. Was it worth it? Do you think a quick fix is worth if for your child?

I am on a mission to let parents know that there are other ways for their kids. In addition to let adults know that you can survive your life without it. I don't care what your job is. You will find a way to get it done after you are adderall free. 

We will heal your gut, we will find supplements and aminos to give you long lasting energy throughout the day that is healthy and normal. You will sleep again and you will heal your adrenals and you will heal your life. 

I love sharing my story and I am looking foward to getting you on a plan to let go of this addiction. Time to stop feeling trapped. You are not. You always have a choice. Now I dare you to choose me to guide you. I dare you to find the balance your body is longing for and I dare you to contact me today. 

It will never be the right time, so I am telling you the time is now!

Chat soon,