Monday - Cardio Day

Monday is my favorite day to do Cardio - Why! Because it is time to burn off your weekend. 

Your Goal is 120 to 160 minutes of Cardio a week. 

Monday is also my Low Carb Day - I normally don't eat much after that long weekend. Go for higher protein, more fat, less carbs. (Can you do 50g of carbs today?)

Monday is my Spin Class day - 45 minutes


Weight Training Day - It is super important to be flexible and stable before you begin a training program. You want to make sure your left and right side are even and balanced before you start making your stronger side stronger and your weaker side weaker. 

Be Smart! 

1. Stretch - Do you know how to foam roll?

2. Stabilization Exercises - (Do the two back to back)

3. Part three : Start your strength training. Do the following 10to 12 reps, 3 sets

4. Part 4 - HIT / Strength continued - 10 to 20 reps X 3

  • Jump Squats -here
  • Reverse Dumbell Fly - here
  • Hamstring Ball Curl - here

5. Part 5 - Strength continued 30seconds * 3 

  • Speed Skaters - here
  • Pulls ups - Assisted machine - here
  • Medicine Ball Slams - here

6. Part 6 Wrap it up! - Stretch

  • Foam Roll Again
  • Or TRX Stretch - here


Wednesday - Hot YogA

Wednesday - Is My Hot Yoga Day - I am usually stressed out from my week and it help reset my mind body and soul. Also, you will be sore from yesterdays workout, so it is nice to rest the muscles, but still feel like you are doing something! 

Thursday - Cardio

Thursday - I get back to Cardio. I try to hit the pool for thirty minutes. If you are a runner, this would be a great day to run or another spin class. At Least 30 minutes. If you make your run HIT interval with ups and downs, you don't have to go as long as a steady pace cardio. Do sprints in the pool or during your run. 


Friday Strength

Friday Can be your rest day or wrap up your strength training for the day! I normally don't have to rush Friday off to work, so I get in my strength training then save my energy Saturday and Sunday to Grocery Shopping and organizing my personal live

1. Stretch (Core& Stabilization)

  • Dynamic Flow Stretch - here (speed it up if you don't have time to do the full 20, but if you are exhausted from the week, you might only have energy for this)
  • Option 2 - Get in a mat pilates workout

2. HIT Interval 

  • Band Walks / Glute Activation - 20r each way L & R - here
  • Single Leg Box Step ups - Straight up and down or Lateral (Side step Ups) 12 to 15 reps per leg - here
    • Start with only your body weight, work your way up to dumbells
  • Burpees - 20 reps - here

3. Part 3 - Three Rounds

  • Tricep Dips - 10 to 20 reps On a Bench - Here
  • Barbell Hip Thrusters work your way up to 40 to 60 pounds - here
  • Stability Ball Circles - here
  • Bench Press - 10 to 12 reps * -click here

4. Part 4 - Blast your arms 

  • I do a varyation of arm circles using 5 lb weights - You don't have to do the full 9 minute video, but get some muscles you might have missed - Click here

5. Part 5 - End with a quick 30 second interval ( 5 rounds) of 30second cardio of choice: Options below:

  • Row Machine sprints
  • Standing Ski Rower -(all over california)-  here
  • Versa Climber - here
  • Battle Rope Exercises - here
  • Air Bike - here