Why Hello! My name is Sara Adair Rogers Vilella. Yes, quite a long name! I married a Catalan from Barcelona, so let's make it Adair Vilella for short. I can't wait to tell you my life long journey of health, fitness, healing, and finding my center balance. 

I have been in the health and fitness industry professionally for 10 years.  My Journey began at a young age because I was always surrounded by fitness as my dad trained and successfully accomplished swimming the English Channel. I was instantly hooked and followed his passion for extreme fitness. 

As I grew older I decided to quit my job in Charleston, SC and move out West to pursue nutrition school, get my yoga certification, and become a personal trainer. You can call me a Wellness Coach! A Certified Holistic nutritionist on a mission to help others heal faster and learn from my battle of trying to  balanced in an unbalanced world.

Are you tired of going to every doctor and healer and them telling you they have the thing for you!? Have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars just to feel better and it was only a temporary quick fix or nothing happened at all? Now you are right back where you started?

Well I am here to help! It is time to get to the root of it all. I have been through the ringer and back. I dare you to stop, sit, listen, breathe and find the balance your body is longing for! 

Some of the struggles I have overcome:

1.  A car accident where they told me I would never walk again. 

2. 13 years on Adderall (TOXIC)

3. Yo yo diets galore - Did someone say binge eating?

4. Hypothyroid

5. Hashimotos

6. The latest and greatest SIBO! Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth.

So Where do we Begin? Let's dive in. Explore all areas. It is not going to be easy and it is not going to happen over night, but everyday you are going to feel better and better! Therefore, take one day at a time. Now head to the detox section and get ready to CLEANSE!