I Dare you to Try Equinox

Equinox is about finding the balance your body is longing for through personal training, nutrition, and spa!  Would you like a 3 day trial? Contact me ASAP!

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Viper Training

A Majority of people don't realize it, but they are stuck in a Saggital plane of motion 90% of their day! At Equinox we strive to move in all planes of motion to challenge you to workout smart for tomorrow! Come take fully loaded and see what your body has been missing. 

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Animal Flow

Time to get back to the basics. Get with a trainer and experience what muscle imbalances you have and how to fix it! 

Time to find a new flow in your life! I dare ya.

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Have you ever used a kettlebell? You need to get with 2016. At Equinox we are all about the future of fitness. Constantly learn new tricks. It is an ADD fitness funhouse. I promise you will never get bored. Nor will your body. Time to take core and stabilization to a whole new level!